GideonTech Secret Santa
Don't Be a Grinch

GTSS 2010: Mission Grinch Free

by RaDragon

Whilst we wait for our fellow GTSS participants to return from their holidays, I'd like to report that 2011 is a Grinch-free year! Of course, this can only be confirmed when all participants have acknowledged receipt of their pressies... ;)

Still, thank you thank you thank you for keeping GTSS alive! The year's been bleak for some but your participation makes us remember the true meaning of the winter holiday season... pressies! LOL j/k.

See you in 2011!

p.s., Don't forget to check out the NOC list! :)


by RaDragon

We've had great reception from people sending their pressies EARLY and reports of fellow GTers receiving their goodies in the post... Well done, boys! <3

However, if you're one of the peeps that have yet to contact me (radragon AT gmail DOT com) that you have sent, or even shopped for your recipient, please do so SOON. And when I mean soon, by the end of the week (12/17/2010)! Cut-off times for affordable shipping are fast approaching, so please please please -- do it.

Oh, if you've already opened your pressie, do share some pics on the message board. This way, some of us that are waiting to open it on the 24th can live vicariously through you... ;)

Recipients emailed!

by RaDragon

Check your emails -- your recipient info is now sitting in your inbox! Be aware of the cut-off times for shipping since not everyone celebrates Kwanzza (i.e., December 26th) so your recipient most likely would want to receive their pressie before the 25th of December!

If you didn't receive your recipient info, please email me ASAP. You might want to check your SPAM folder, too -- might've been redirected there. Look for the subject line: "GTSS 2010: null - Here's your pairing!" (replace null w/ your GTF handle).

Hope you enjoy the 2010 Holiday and GTSS!

Sign-up closed. Magic pairing commences.

by RaDragon

Thanks to those that signed up to participate! You are keeping GTSS and the gift-giving spirit alive in, er, GTland!

As I type this, magic elves are picking and sorting your data to be paired up with your very own Secret Santa. Please expect an email from them (via my Gmail account, of course) this evening.

In the meantime, we now return to your regularly scheduled programme on the interwebs...

ZOMG wait! wot? GTSS!

by RaDragon

GideonTech’s annual gift exchange programme - GTSS is baaaaack! Rules are as before, but if you’re new to this... Welcome and do keep reading.

The GideonTech Secret Santa is a way for fellow GTers to share the holiday spirit with one another through the exchange of gifts (of the geeky-kind, naturally).

The gift your recipient will receive should be at least $25 (not including shipping or postage costs!) and should not be “ColdHeat” unless your recipient specifically asked for one. ;)

We know the economy is tough, so please do not sign up if you are already strapped for dosh. We’ll be here next year if you can’t spare the $25 (plus shipping costs) this year!

So? Wotcher waiting for? Click on the Sign Up button above to get your name in the bag. You will receive the name of the lucky person you get to play Santa to on December 1st, 2010. From there, that will leave you about 15 business days to get on shopping for them.