GideonTech Secret Santa

Frequently Asked Qs!

last updated: 24-nov-10 22:48

What is GTSS?
It's GideonTech's holiday gift exchange... online!

How much money do I have to spend for this?
This year (2010), as with the last, we are only going to have one spending group, that is, the minimum you must spend is $25 USD. Please note, this amount does not include shipping/postage.

I have been a participant before but have been Grinched. Is there a way to avoid it this time around?
Unfortunately, we cannot predict who will be a grinch this year (hopefully, no one!) and whether or not they are intentional grinches (or simply the victims of silly international mail), we still cannot pinpoint who will become a Grinch. We will do our best to hound your Secret Santa, however, once the NOC list has been posted.

Can I purchase my present online?
Yes, you may order your present for your recipient and have it mailed directly to them. Be sure to send RaDragon (radragon AT the tracking #, however. This way, you can be taken off the "Pending Grinches" list. ;)

I really suck at shopping ahead of time -- can't I last minute shop for my recipient?
Unfortunately, since you still have to mail the present, you cannot really wait until the last minute, short of knocking on their front door on Christmas day (NOT RECOMMENDED!).

I'm not a big spender; can I receive a present from a big spender?
Not really. In the past, someone who was particularly generous and sincere with shopping and giving ended up being the recipient of a Scrooge.

Wait, what is a big spender?
A big spender is someone who wishes to spend more than $20 on their present (not including shipping/postage). Last year, we have had a number spend around $40 (plus shipping) on their gift exchange present.

I want to participate but I do not believe in presents. Can I get money instead?
Unfortunately, this is a gift exchange, not a money transfer exchange.

I live overseas, can I still participate?
Yes. As long as you send the tracking number (and yes, tracking numbers do exist with international post!)

My recipient did not leave enough information for me to get them a present. What do I give them?
Contact RaDragon (radragon AT so she can contact your recipient and will attempt to harvest more information. If he/she does not add additional information for you, then it's up to you to surprise them with a present (again, spend at least $25 USD).

I bought my present at the store and wish to mail it myself. Can I gift wrap it?
I'm not really updated on shipping regulations, so please be sure to check your local post office to find out what the protocols are to mail wrapped presents. Normally, you can wrap the present and then put it inside a bigger box. Just make sure not to write your name on the sender field (although, you do have to include a return address -- in case it becomes undeliverable!)

I got the same person as last year! What do I do?
Since the pairing is randomised, you must be really lucky. Go out and buy a lotto ticket! ^_^

I have no clue what to ask for. The stuff I want is really expensive.
Browse the "local" geek pages (,,, or just think of the quirkiest present that you have always wanted to get but were too shy to ask for it.

I don't believe in Santa Claus; can I still join?
For sure! You'll still be called a Secret Santa, though.